Quintessential Oils

Essential oils and absolutes are the concentrated essences of various flowers, herbs, fruits and plants. They have been used since ancient times in food & cosmetics and for aromatherapy, spiritual or medicinal purposes. They are generally steam distilled except citrus oils which are cold pressed. Delicate flowers and herbs are solvent extracted and we carry some excellent Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extracts. Quintessential Oils is committed to providing only the finest quality oils from around the world. Whenever possible, we choose oils from wild grown or organically farmed plants. All of our essential oils are pure, unadulterated and natural. We offer our more expensive oils in either a pure form or a 10% blend in jojoba oil (at a more affordable price). Do not use 10% dilutions in electric diffusers. We highly recommend consulting an aromatherapy book which explains the benefits and contraindications of each oil. These oils are highly concentrated and should never be used directly on the skin without first diluting with a carrier oil! Some oils may be toxic if taken internally or used in excessive quantities. We do not advocate taking essential oils internally. For safety info see Safety Chart. All essential oils are packaged in amber glass bottles. Droppers, pipettes and/or orifice reducers are sold seperately ( see Bottles & Supplies). Do not store droppers in bottles for long periods of time and protect your oils from light and heat. Listed below are the countries of origin, the method of distillation [(SD) = Steam Distilled / (SE) = Solvent Extracted / (CP) = Cold Pressed / (CO2) = Carbon Dioxide Extracted], the part of the plant used and the method of farming. Enjoy!

Essential Oils & Absolutes (A thru B)

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Essential Oils & Absolutes (K thru M)

Essential Oils & Absolutes (N thru P)

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